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Why live here?

What makes these Homes Smart, Green and Humble?

  • Superior Building Envelope (Built Above Code)
  • CMHC Approved With 5% Down with 1st And 2nd Home Buyers
  • Healthy Indoor Air Quality
  • Flexible Design To Suit Your Style
  • Plug + Play Designed, Shipped Directly To Your Lot.


"One of the main reasons we decided to purchase a humble home was because of the owners Duane and Joanne. They were accommodating, trustworthy, and extremely good to work with. We've found all of the staff emulate their example as well. We really liked the layout and workmanship of the humble home, as well as the stylistic and practical choices that were made in its design. We would definitely recommend building with Voce Developments!"



I will never live in a home without the passive house components that Vereco incorporates after living in ours. Our house is quiet, extremely efficient, warm (even when you sit by a window or wall!) in the winter, cool in the summer and the air quality is better than any other home. You will end up saving money to live in a house far superior to anything else out there.



When can I expect it?

Once you've filled out your application and we've met over Zoom, have walked you through our selection and administrative process, you can expect your Smart Green Humble Home, delivered to your lot and "plugged in" in as little as 5 months. Hello Summer 2021

Does it cost more than a typical standard constructed home?

With our enhanced, super insulated building envelope it costs about 10% more in building materials, however you will save between 50%-70% in energy costs.

What does it sit on?

No need for a traditional basement foundation, we've saved you $100,000 in foundation costs. The Smart Green Humble Homes are designed to be placed on screw piles, we can install the piles for you by request. (SGHH can also be installed on a foundation if that is your preference.)

Are there financing options?

Yes! We have a variety of finance options available, plus these homes are approved for Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) with as little as 5% down for 1st and 2nd Home Buyers.

Quality Architecture

Our goal for these Smart Green Humble Homes is to create homes that are compact in design, attractive inside and out, and customizable to suit your design style. We also know the importance of providing sustainable housing options that are affordable and practical, and accessible to everyone.

Voce builds the Homes Humbly, Vereco makes them Smart Green.

Smart Features

These Smart Green Humble Homes aren't just equipped with energy star appliances, LED lights, and roofs that are solar panel ready - they're smart by design.

With a double wall exterior building envelope, these homes are super insulated, and extremely air tight. With Vereco's high level Passive House energy modelling, we show you just how much money you will be saving in energy costs compared to a standard constructed home.

We also show you how much greenhouse gas emissions you will be saving by living in one of these Smart Green Humble Homes, too.